One Leaves and another comes.

I reached out to investigate who lay beside me.  He had rough hair,  loaded with product, so I knew it was Jude.  He was sleeping so contentedly after the passion of the early hours of the morning, only a few hours ago, and I saw the dark lines of his scraped off skin underneath my fingernails.  He had my claw marks down his back.

I had controlled him last night; he knew he had my full attention whenever I controlled him, even if I just tie him up and leave him in a state of excited fear about what I will do to him, or allow him to do to me, when I return.  I like to leave him stinging, maybe with a sharp slap, by digging my stiletto heel into his scrotum on the chair or by spreading minty toothpaste onto the end of his penis.

I got up and left the room to wash my hands and face and I felt Jude’s cum run like treacle down  my inner thigh.  I didn’t often let him shoot up inside me, anally or into my pussy, so this was a reminder that I had treated him extra-nicely last night and that had not been for either him or myself.  As I walked to the bathroom I felt my boyfriend’s hand grab me from just inside the doorway of the spare bedroom. He pulled me to him whispering “I heard you being a naughty girl last night.”

He pushed his hand between my thighs and immediately felt Jude’s cum.  He feigned surprised and put his finger to my lips, keeping me quiet, as he started to softly moan and to lick Jude’s cum off me. He frantically tongued all the cum and then up to my pussy, where he was relentless upon my clitoris.  I was fully aware of Jude on the other side of the wall and was struggling to keep my anxiety in check, whilst I felt fingers probing my anus.


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