Let me entertain you

I would like to entertain the notion that even the climate can’t have an effect on my libido.  It’s probably true.  Why I don’t want to have sex is a different matter and sometimes it confuses me (except fundamentally it doesn’t and  I know what I am seeking).   My boyfriend is quiet; good at skating but for the importance of this blog, he wants me to have sex with other men.  I want to have sex and to be adored’ to have a man hanging off my every word and every whim.

I am excited.  I am excited by the control upon which I might play my games with men I might start chatting to on the internet.  The other part of me is held back; what if a man wants to meet me and I am busy on that night? I would want to know which man  wanted me.

If I am picked I want to be in control.  I want to walk all over you and I want to feel your sexuality entwined with mine. I want to feel in control and I want to feel the type of penetration that I imagine.  I want you to buy me something from my amazon wish list to keep secret from your wife or girlfriend; begin the betrayal that is complete and utter addiction to me xxxxxx


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