These shoes are gonna walk all over you.

I love my own body.  I don’t mean that I treat it like a temple; far from it, but I love the comfort I feel inside it. I don’t always feel comfortable when other people are touching, invading or entering my body, but I know that it’s mine. Every curve and contour are mine.

As a very sexual creature it is not unusual for me to find myself, as I am now, sitting between two of my lovers, typing my blog with the screen tilted towards my eyes only.  Dan wouldn’t mind but Oscar has no idea what I am doing; he’s working and I am wondering which man will be running his hands over my skin later….and I am thinking about sex, last night, with Jude.

I never wanted to let sex get the better of me.  When I was 13 I lost my virginity to a 25 year old man and it was in the snow; today it is snowing and I want to have sex.


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