He lay prone…

As I lay there beside him, I could hear him struggling to breathe; this was the issue of the twine I had tied around his flaccid penis and as he struggled to keep an erection at bay; to prevent the pain and to follow his instructions, it just hurt him more and he throbbed; turning […]

Let me entertain you

I would like to entertain the notion that even the climate can’t have an effect on my libido.  It’s probably true.  Why I don’t want to have sex is a different matter and sometimes it confuses me (except fundamentally it doesn’t and  I know what I am seeking).   My boyfriend is quiet; good at skating […]

These shoes are gonna walk all over you.

I love my own body.  I don’t mean that I treat it like a temple; far from it, but I love the comfort I feel inside it. I don’t always feel comfortable when other people are touching, invading or entering my body, but I know that it’s mine. Every curve and contour are mine. As […]

One Leaves and another comes.

I reached out to investigate who lay beside me.  He had rough hair,  loaded with product, so I knew it was Jude.  He was sleeping so contentedly after the passion of the early hours of the morning, only a few hours ago, and I saw the dark lines of his scraped off skin underneath my […]

For the love of bondage.

Two long black twists of cord; almost satin-smooth against the wrists, the ankles and the throat. The way he was tied, on his knees and elbows, with his wrists bound behind his thighs, meant that his buttocks were directly aimed at the ceiling and his anus was stretched and exposed.  He was breathing heavily and […]

Hanging on your every word.

Last night was difficult.  I stayed alone for most of the time; occasionally irritated that two men were texting me and my actual boyfriend wanted to sit and to tell me how beautiful he thought I looked.  I should have been happy, but I wasn’t because I couldn’t believe it or feel it.  Having multiple […]